aimee and tate reached out to me about shooting their engagements+ as soon as i knew they wanted the sand dunes, i was all in!

these two are beautiful wholesome people, they need to be on the cover of a bridal spread! Aimee and tate had two separate looks for this windy day at the dunes, and let me tell you, it was e x t r e m e l y windy! 18/10 worth dealing with the sand and wind... i was finding sand for days after but i've been obsessed with these since we shot them in 2016!

 we had sand and wind in our faces this whole shoot up until the sun hit the horizon, which made for a pretty epic moment, watching the sun go down, as the wind died out and everything was lit up so beautifully.

some favorites from this beautiful, windy, warm session at the sand dunes of eureka, utah with aimee, tate, and their handsome fur baby!