Amy+Zach's day is something i'll forever be grateful i was booked to shoot; their ceremony took place on a rainy spring morning in the desert of st george, utah. it was pouring rain up until the moment we rolled up to head into the dunes and wait for amy and zach to arrive, leaving the mountains shrouded in whispy clouds and the orange colored sand of snow canyon more vibrant than i've ever seen! it was such a special moment for me to be there documenting their entire ceremony and photos afterwards around one of my favorite places in utah.

after their ceremony, we headed back into town where they held a reception tucked away at the edge of town. There was cake, catching up with their loved ones and then they headed off together to start their new lives! Their whole wedding party was so welcoming and kind, and Amy+Zach were one of the warmest couples i've ever worked with. Thank you for having me you guys!! I loved every moment of your beautiful day.