I love and adore every chance i get to work with Demi and blake! years ago demi reached out my way to photograph her engagements up in one of utah's beautiful canyons and i'm still in denial that i ever got to shoot for these two! demi and blake are incredibly genuine individuals who radiate love and warmth, it was a special honor to shoot these for demi and blake. we went all out and made a day trip south to the dunes in freezing temperatures to make these happen! 

demi brought two beautiful dresses from fillyboo maternity and as a plus, the weather graced us with clear skies! it might have been beyond insanely ridiculously cold but it was also way beyond incredibly beautiful! one of the most intense sunsets i've seen at the dunes, we left with a lot of great photos that i still treasure a year later. Thank you, demi and blake, for having me shoot these! i love you both!