Springtime used to be my least favorite season as it meant the prolonged last few months of semester in high school. now that i've taken a step back with photography and realized how beautiful this time of year is.... i'm beyond in love with this time of year! the weather is perfect, the colors are beautiful, and the shooting is so much fun.

Kylie and corey weren't too picky about where we shot their engagements, so we ultimately embraced spring wholeheartedly! we shot their session in a beautiful field of purple on private property and then drove around til' we found the most vibrant yellow flowers! i'm obsessed with wildflowers so it was a beautiful experience shooting these for kylie and corey! These two are such beautiful souls and two of the most photogenic people alive! 

Not only were we graced with the most beautiful light, but it had just finished raining the morning before their session, leaving everything beautiful and vibrant!