When you receive an inquiry to photograph an elopement… in a hot air balloon… thousands of feet above beautiful Park City Utah… you have to snatch that booking up! I was in a state of perpetual bliss for days after booking this beautiful elopement. Megan + JD flew all the way in from Tennessee for this which added to the special honor of documenting this for them!

(Big thanks to the folks at Bigfoot balloons for helping make this experience amazing!!)

Buckle up because this is a loooong post. There were way too many good photos to pick from so I went wild on picking favorites!

It was a chilly 21°! I’m a lover of the cold so I wasn’t mad- and everyone present was layered in thermal gear! It’s never too cold, you just need to layer up!

After Megan was in the balloon and ready to go, everyone gathered around to sing their favorite song- All Star by Smash mouth, while recording it on snapchat. I was dying!! Such a sweet, fun moment between friends on their wedding day.

The higher into the sky we went, the warmer it became as we neared towards the rising light! It felt like a movie moment, there aren’t many words I can think of to describe how gorgeous this experience was. 100000/10!!

After landing, we spent time warming up in the car, toasting with their friends, and of course a garter toss! The wonderful people at Bigfoot hot air balloons pulled through huge time, giving an extremely memorable time on this beautiful Halloween morning.

We had a whole morning of bridals planned for afterwards! We headed up to Guardsman Pass above Park City and caught the pass on it’s last open day of the season. We wandered through the prettiest forest of Aspen trees and hiked through a snowy forest of evergreens into Bloods lake where we experienced some of the prettiest views. ever!!

To top off this amazing morning, we ended their photos in a wooded expanse of beautiful Aspens trees (my favorite kind of tree!). I was in a state of bliss for the next couple of days over these shots and this experience. It feels incredible knowing I have clients who trust me to be apart of their day and document their love.