Tay + benson were such a fun duo to work with, we shot both their engagement session and their bridal sessions and i'm still so stoked that i got to shoot for these two not once, but twice!

tay is a mega talented wedding videographer so shooting these was 10x easier, oth taylor and benson both had the modeling gig down! we headed up big cottonwood canyon in the middle of utah's fall, which was another world completely.

In my early years of photography, all throughout high school, i used to avoid shooting this canyon, as i'd always find myself shooting the same spots as everyone else and failing to create images that set themselves apart from others work. one driver's license + high school graduation later, i found myself driving to this canyon often to a point where i began exploring almost weekly up big cottonwood and even going as far as finding a shortcut that got me here, through canyon backroads, so much faster.

now i try to convince many of my clients to pick this canyon for their session! There are so many hidden gems all around utah and it's worth spending time finding new perspectives, as i've learned! for every spot that's popular and well-shot, there are a hundred other locations hidden away within walking distance!