utah + beyond

Brolin taylor


self taught with some help 

I grew up surrounded by cameras + I've always made sure to have some sort of camera with me, whether that was my first digital point-and-shoot, my many disposable Kodak cameras, even those cute little iPod touch with tiny cameras (nostalgia!) - as early as 6 or 7 years old! Twelve years later and I'm fully equipped with my own full-frame SLR, some of my dream gear, a knowledge of retouching, manual settings, all types of lighting and of course posing!

The last decade has meant I began having access to the internet resources, connections to better established photographers (you know who you are!), and my discovery of Instagram in 2010 which has led me to where i am today! I love keeping this dream going strong + working with new people to build my brand, reach out to me I don't bite! Let's go out somewhere dreamy pretty + capture your session and/or document your day of love together!